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My Bio

Perry McGee, a self confessed asylum candidate, lives in Ohio with his black cat Salem. His tales of dark fiction and psychological horror appear on such sites as Darkhalf, House of Pain, Dream People, The Murder Hole, Horrorfind, and many others. Anthologies containing his work are Of Flesh and Hunger, The Other Side of Madness, Things That Sing With Salty Wings, Kevin Donihe's strange little ebook about walruses, and the John Lawson/Abel Diaz antho Dangerous Orgasms. Print magazines containing his tales include Thirteen Stories, Cthulhu Sex, Lullaby Hearse, and Fantasies-a trade paperback from India. When he isn't writing lurid tales of insanity, he works construction and drinks beer.

My Occupation

contractor/lazy bum

My Hobbies

smoking cigs, eating junk food, loving my g/f, sometimes playing acoustic guitar, writing fiction, petting my cats Salem and Jojo, drinking beer, and surfing for porn

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